Thursday, December 11, 2008

Truckers Strike News-End of Year Clearance Sale

End of Year Clearance Sale on all Used Heavy Equipment
Modular Buildings only $4995
Vending Machines $65
Case Backhoe $5000

Google News Alert for: truckers strike
Labour dispute threatens BC portsFinancial Post - Toronto,Ontario,CanadaA five-week strike beginning in June, 2005 strike by 1200 Lower Mainland port truckers cost the country an estimated $85-million a day. ...See all stories on this topic
JC Penney Drops Oak Harbor Freight Lines as ShipperMarketWatch - USATeamster members employed by Oak Harbor Freight have been on strike since Sept. 22 because of violations of federal labor laws that protect workers' rights, ...See all stories on this topic
Truckers urge Govt to slash diesel prices, abolish taxesHindu - Chennai,IndiaThe truckers have threatened an indefinite strike from December 20 if their demands were not met. The All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) said the Rs ...See all stories on this topic

Monday, September 08, 2008


If you go to craigslist and click on barter you will see that more and more people in small businesses that provide services are willing to barter. This is because their businesses are slowing down in many parts of the country. People that provide services such as roofing, painting, carpentry, land clearing, construction related industries, t-shirt advertising, auto repair, household repairs, plumbing, electrical, lawyers...the more I look the more I see. It is getting harder and harder to sell things and so people are turning to bartering. This trend is a clear indication of the direction our country is headed. Many people are advertising used heavy equipment in trade for other things they are looking for. I have even gotten to the point where I have advertised things I own in trade. I am trying to sell the following items and am willing to do a trade or partial trade for a small economical sportscar, jewelry, gems, coins, bullion, etc.,. what have you got to trade?
Are you looking for a Backhoe, Boat, Horse Drawn Carriage, Emeralds...these are some of the things I have to trade. Perhaps you are a truck driver or former truck driver that owns his own truck. You may want to consider selling it on my used heavy equipment site. I only charge 5% of the sale and you would get great exposure because I post the ads for it on craigslist as well as putting pictures of it on my heavy equipment site. No up front cost here and nothing to lose - you only pay if it sells.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fuel Prices are Still to High for Most Truckers

Even though the price of a barrel of oil has gone down it hasn't changed prices much at the pump. We are told that the reason for this is because the price at the pump now is a reflection of the higher oil prices over the last 6 months. It takes time for cheaper oil prices to affect pump prices since gasoline is bought months in advance. Maybe we will see lower prices right before the election - that would not be a surprise.
With fuel prices still high you will still see lots of used semis and used tractor trailer rigs for sale online and on the side of the road. So now is the time to buy that used semi you've been thinking about before fuel prices drop - because then heavy truck prices will go back up. Or maybe you are considering going into a different type of business that involves using heavy equipment.
Whatever you are looking for you are sure to find it at Used Heavy Equipment.

Truckers Strike Worldwide:
Updates for Truckers Shut-down OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USATruckers Plan Strike September 2nd, 11th and 12th 2008. "The date for the shutdown is September 2nd, 11th and 12th …. nationwide, get the word out …
Colombia coffee stocks low as truck strike drags - UKBOGOTA, Aug 11 (Reuters) - Colombia coffee inventories at port were very low on Monday as a truck strike entered its 12th day with little sign that the ...
Official: Indian government mulls fuel price hikeInternational Herald Tribune - France... and its allies in the run-up to elections. In July, millions of truck drivers went on strike across India to protest rising fuel prices and road tolls.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Slow Economy Means Bargains Galore

Yes folks it may be tougt h times for some and so that is why you will see lower prices on everything from used heavy equipment to horse drawn carriages.
People are getting desperate and need to sell stuff to pay their bills. Take advantage of this great equipment buying opportunity - even trading is becoming more popular.
You will see all manner of trades - some people wanting to take part cash and part trade for motorcycles, pickups, SUV's, boats, you name it - if you are flexible you can make out like a bandit. Many times you will see the same items for sale for weeks and the prices just keep dropping. Keep checking back will you see a price you can afford. Don't be shy - if you don't ask you won't know if they would of taken something in trade. Asking doesn't cost anything.

Qld braces for truckies' action ABC Online - AustraliaTruck drivers across Queensland are preparing to take part in a two-week nationwide industry shutdown which could affect the state's economy.
Truck strike supported by 60pc of drivers, NTRF claims Stock and Land - Fairfax,AustraliaAn estimated 60pc of Australia's road transporters remain on strike and are expected to stay on strike for up to two weeks unless Government responds to
Fresh produce under threat Ipswich Queensland Times - Australia"The trucking industry prides itself on being highly competitive and efficient," the spokesman said. "However, the industry's strength can also be its ...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Sometimes it's ok to change - if the change is going to be for the better - change is always difficult at first...such as when my husband and I decided to get out of trucking 2 years ago. We came to the conclusion that it just wasn't worth it anymore. The insurance and fuel costs were killing us and we were fighting all the time about money. After sitting down and doing the math my husband finally agreed that it was time for a change. He misses driving his old Kenworth but I am happy he is at home more. At first it didn't seem like we were getting ahead as the big checks weren't coming in but we also weren't paying those huge bills either. After a few months he could see that it was the right decision. He does land clearing locally-and is now able to hang out at the local diner - a more leisurely pace - sees the neighbors more - works in the garage more. No more getting up at 4 am to rush to work - no more sitting in traffic - or rushing to meet delivery deadlines. The old Kenworth was sold to pay off the bills that had piled up from trucking - that was the hardest part. Be brave and do the math - there are other alternatives to trucking that you will find alot more profitable and less stressful in the long run.

Truckers defer strike threat after progress in talks Belfast Telegraph - United KingdomTruck drivers have deferred their threat to mount strike action over rising fuel costs following further talks with government officials. ...
Trucker Strike at Panama/Costa Rica Border Council On Hemispheric Affairs - Washington,DC,USA... considering breaking the strike because the Costa Rican government eliminated all restrictions on Panamanian imports in response to the truckers claims. ...
'Progress' in NYC concrete truckers' strike talks Newsday - Long Island,NY,USANEW YORK - As Day 8 of a strike by concrete truck drivers begins, both sides in the dispute say they have made progress during talks. ...
NYC strike stalls city builds Construction Digital - UKA strike by hundreds of cement truck drivers in New York has ground construction projects to a halt. More than 400 drivers for Local 282 of the ...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Prepare For World Wide Truckers Strikes NOW!

Stock up on food, water, fuel...everything you would need to tide you over during a hurricane or tornado in your area. Be prepared. Truck strikes affect us all - causing food shortages in some cities. Weird weather is causing unprecedented disasters in areas where tornadoes and super cells never appeared before. Buy a dump truck or dump trailer and make money helping in disaster cleanup. You can use a dump truck to pull a dump trailer or a small pickup truck to pull a dump trailer.

Are we prepared for next disaster? Knoxville News Sentinel - Knoxville,TN,USAOther considerations: Could a trucker's strike cause shortages of food from the supermarkets or convenience store shelves? There has been talk of such. ...
Oil - New truckers’ strike causes chaos on French roads30/06 20:15 CET
EuroNews - FranceLorry drivers in France have been staging protests against the high cost of fuel, causing hundreds of kilometres of traffic jams. ...
Fast lane to price rise: Truckers to strike from July 2 - New Delhi,India"We're going on a strike from July 2 to protest against various things. Everything was agreed upon in an agreement in 2004 but nothing been followed. ...
Punjab, Chandigarh truckers to join AIMTC strike
Hindu - Chennai,India Truckers have even claimed to have got the support of tempos, booking agents for the strike call. "We have even got the support of tempo operators who ply ...
Truckers warn of indefinite strike from midnight
Hindu - Chennai, IndiaNew Delhi (PTI): Truckers across the country will go on an indefinite strike from midnight tonight to push their demand for abolishment of toll tax and ...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Equipment Prices Drop Because of Diesel Fuel Prices

Now's the time to buy used heavy equipment as anything that uses diesel fuel, the most expensive fuel, is at an all time low. Diesel trucks, diesel equipment, diesel generators, diesel dump name it - the prices are dropping. People are unloading their equipment like there is no tomorrow. And based on the stock market the last 2 days maybe that's true.
Get rid of your used heavy equipment while you can or buy some cheap if you can afford the fuel.

Aussie truckers might strike Today's Trucking News - USAIn fact, don’t be surprised if you see an Australia-wide driver action, similar to the European strike, soon. According to sources in Canberra, ...
Truckers not to withdraw strike call from July 2: AIMTC Economic Times - Gurgaon,Haryana,India... PTI CHANDIGARH: Truck operators body All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) today said it will not withdraw its indefinite nationwide strike call ..
Australian truckers could strike in protest of fuel costs Land Line Magazine - Grain Valley,MO,USAThe head of the trucker’s union in Australia says his members are prepared to go on strike if something isn’t done soon about soaring diesel fuel prices. ...
Diesel thieves strike it rich in rural areas by draining farmers - UKTruckers are used to taking precautions to protect their valuable loads but now they are having to try to guard their fuel caps when they are parked. ...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Truckers Strikes Looming in Brazil, UK and Italy

Buy and sell used heavy equipment, sell your semi, buy a used semi cheap, buy lowboy trailers, dump trucks, tractor trailers, backhoes, loaders at great prices Today!

Brazil truckers begin strike over fuel prices Reuters - USA By Camila Moreira and Reese Ewing SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Truckers across Brazil started an open-ended strike on Wednesday, protesting high fuel prices and a ...
Truckers postpone planned strike over diesel prices Belfast Telegraph - United KingdomTruckers have postponed a planned nationwide strike to highlight the threat posed to their livelihoods by the spiralling cost of diesel. ...
Italy, Truckers To Resume Talks Wed As Strike Looms -Report The Foreign Exchange Market - Barcelona,SpainThe Italian government and the country's associations representing truckers threatening to go on strike next week will resume talks Wednesday as they ...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Truckers Strikes Still Going on World Wide

Wow fuel costs dropped 5 cents and they say we should be happy - what are they kidding!
This is not going to end people - it's a game they are playing on all of us.
Get out of trucking while you can - sell your truck, why torture yourself. Work locally and be closer to your family.
Run heavy equipment instead, do trucking locally, store food, prepare for tornadoes, hurricanes, and food lines.
Network with like minded people.

90000 Spanish truckers strike over soaring fuel prices - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
The truckers participating in the strike are largely self-employed or work for small and medium-sized shipping companies, BBC News says. ...
South Korean construction unions join truckers on strikeXinhua - China SEOUL, June 16 (Xinhua) -- South Korean construction unions joined truckers on a nationwide strike on Monday over rising fuel costs, according to Yonhap ...See all stories on this topic
South Korean Workers Go On Strike; Demand Fuel Subsidy Raise, Pay Hike Gant Daily - Clearfield,PA,USAKorean Cargo Workers' Union has led around 13000 truckers from different organizations in the work stoppage to demand an increase in the fuel subsidy from ...
Truckers' strike cripples Busan port Cargonews Asia - Hong Kong The truckers' strike has caused US$2.31 billion in losses to exporters and $2.43 billion in losses to importers. The government has asked Korea Express Co, ...
UPDATE 1-Colombia truckers strike over fuel costs, freight Reuters UK - UKBOGOTA, June 16 (Reuters) - Colombian truck drivers went on strike on Monday to protest high fuel prices, tolls and freight payments, but the government ...See all stories on this topic

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rising Fuel Prices Worldwide Causing More Truck Strikes

It's all about the cost of fuel...and no matter what it's caused by, speculators, lack of refineries, you name it... there's not a damn thing you can do about it except watch it go up and up.
Yes you can do something about it - quit buying it - sit down and do the math - would you be better off working locally perhaps running heavy equipment. Investing in buying and selling used semis. Sell your own and keep track of everyone that calls and help your friends sell theirs too for a fee. Help yourself while helping others get out of their debt nightmare called trucking. Change is painful but sometimes it is the right thing to do. Just because you have been trucking all your life doesn't mean you have to now. Take control of your life and your finances - think about who is really running things.

UPDATE 1-Colombia truckers strike over fuel costs, freightReuters UK - UKBOGOTA, June 16 (Reuters) - Colombian truck drivers went on strike on Monday to protest high fuel prices, tolls and freight payments, but the government ...
Truck strike as fuel-price protests reach ColombiaScotsman - United KingdomColombian truckers joined demonstrations by transporters from Europe to Asia who are demanding help in managing costs as world oil prices soar to record ...
Disrupted Logistics Marks 4th Day of Truckers` Strike동아일보 - South KoreaWith the truckers’ strike in its fourth day yesterday, major ports and inland container terminals handled just 10 percent of cargo in showing the paralysis ...See all stories on this topic
Small Firms Urge United Effort for Economic Revival동아일보 - South Korea“Many small businesses are in serious difficulty due to the prolonged candlelight vigils and the truckers’ strike,” the associations said in a statement. ...

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Truckers are striking worldwide over higher fuel costs..they can no longer afford to operate.
Nationwide truckers are forced to sit and wait till their trucks are full in order to justify driving or lose money so this slows down deliveries.
If you have been thinking of getting out of trucking you are not alone. Have you thought about getting into operating Heavy Equipment or buying and selling used heavy equipment.
If so please visit Florida Earth Movers to sell your own equipment, semis, trailers, lowboys, etc.,. or buy other peoples equipment for yourself or your business partners.

South Korean Construction Drivers' Union Plan to Join StrikeBloomberg - USABy Shinhye Kang June 15 (Bloomberg) -- South Korean drivers working for construction companies will join a truckers' strike in protest against surging fuel ...
Anger boils in Europe over rising fuel prices - Halifax,Nova Scotia,CanadaSpanish consumers started stockpiling food on Wednesday over concerns that an ongoing truckers’ strike that has disrupted deliveries might cause food ...
Thousands of South Korean truck drivers continue strike over ...International Herald Tribune - FranceThe truckers' strike has already caused US$11 million in losses to exporters and US$3 million to importers, according to the Korea International Trade ...
Update: Trucker's strikeAutocar - Teddington,England,UKTanker drivers contracted to Shell are set to follow up the strike that started this morning with another four day action next week if employers do meet ...
Opel says Spanish truckers' strike affects production in GermanyInternational Herald Tribune - France"The truckers' strike in Spain is extremely annoying for us," he said. The Eisenach plant, which makes the Opel Corsa, uses components that come from an ...See all stories on this topic
S Korean truck drivers rally to demand minimum wagesXinhua - ChinaMany South Korean ports reported they were affected by the truckers strike which started Thursday. In Busan, 83 percent of all containers in the city's ...
Fuel Protests Intensify Across AsiaNew York Times - United StatesA two-week truckers’ strike in 2003 cost exporters 540 billion won, or $519 million at Friday’s exchange rates, Mr. Han said, citing figures from the Korea ...
Truckers strike threatens to paralyse portsCargonews Asia - Hong KongThousands of South Korean truck drivers today joined a strike launched yesterday to protest against surging oil prices, threatening to paralyse the ...
Euro automakers in peril from truckers' strikeMotoring - South AfricaGerman automakers, according to the industry's main federation VDA, are predicting a serious supply crunch if a Spanish truckers' strike gets worse. ...
More than 5000 South Korean truck drivers begin strike over rising ...International Herald Tribune - FranceAP SEOUL, South Korea: Thousands of South Korean truck drivers launched a strike Friday to protest surging oil prices, threatening to paralyze the country's ...
VW shuts production at Portugal plant for one dayReuters - USALISBON, June 12 (Reuters) - Volkswagen's Autoeuropa factory in Portugal will shut down for a day on Friday due to a truckers' strike, but will resume ...See all stories on this topic
Spanish truckers join int'l fuel strikesMarketplace - Los Angeles,CA,USAThe truckers' strike in Spain is the latest in a string of international protests against the rising cost of fuel. Renita Jablonski talks to Danny Wood in ...
Exporters seeks talks with govt on truckers strikeBelfast Telegraph - United KingdomThe Irish Road Haulage Association is threatening to mount a countrywide strike on June 27th to highlight the threat posed to their livelihoods by ...See all stories on this topic
Unionized truckers to strike from midnightYonhap News - Seoul,South KoreaSouth Korea's worst-ever truckers' strike was in May 2003 and lasted two weeks, costing the nation US$540 million in losses.

MADRID (AFP) - Auto plants in Spain were paralysed and Portugal's main airport banned planes from refueling Wednesday as a third day of strikes by thousands of truckers caused heightened chaos and shortages

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Truckers Striking World Wide

Tired of high fuel prices - thinking of leaving the trucking industry..perhaps you should consider buying a backhoe, loader or dump truck and start working locally. Think of how happy mom and the kids will be when you are closer to home.

Worldwide Truckers Strikes in France, Chile, Spain, Canada...

Fuel strikes show no sign of easing off - - Lyon, France In La Mede near the southern French port of Marseille, fishermen joined truckers and taxi drivers in blocking access to an oil refinery.

Fishing strikes falter as French farmers, truckers protest fuel priceAFP - In Spain, fishermen in some Mediterranean ports returned to work Monday as the indefinite national strike launched Friday began to ease. ...See all stories on this topic

Chile's Bachelet announces US$1 billion subsidy to counter high ...International Herald Tribune - France The announcement came on the eve of a planned nationwide strike by nearly 40000 truckers demanding elimination of fuel taxes. The truckers' leaders said ...

French truckers begin oil depot blockade Edmonton Journal - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada MARSEILLE, France / French truckers began a new blockade on Sunday night of a major oil refinery on the Mediterranean coast, with taxi drivers vowing to ...

Fuel anger flares across Europe Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia PROTESTS against spiralling fuel costs have spread to several parts of Europe as fishermen, truckers and farmers marched on government offices, ...

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Time to sell that truck - go to Used Heavy Equipment for Sale and post it online for free. If your truck sells it is only a 5% consignment fee.

Want to go into a different type of Used Heavy Equipment and make money using it near where you live.

Truck and taxi drivers on strike in SofiaSofia Echo - BulgariaThe truckers’ protest was organised by the Confederation of the Automobile Transport Associations, Bulgarian-language daily Dnevnik reported. ...
REGION VIII TRUCKERS PROTEST GAS TAXSantiago Times - Santiago,ChileJorge Pizarro, who supports the truckers' strike, said, “There hasn't been any willingness from the Finance Ministry to lower fuel taxes."
GM speeds production cuts at 2 pickup truck plantsForbes - NY,USABefore the strike at American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. (nyse: AXL - news - people ), the Flint plant was running three shifts and Pontiac was ...
Many hauliers nearing end of the road, warn protesting lorry - UKOthers said the only way people would really take notice would be for all lorry drivers to go on strike for a week. "Everything you buy goes on a truck. ...
Looming French truckers strike could cripple portsRoad Transport - London,UKAs CM went to press, no-one was able to confirm if action would be taking place, or the days on which disgruntled truck drivers would be staging any strikes ...
French and Spanish fishermen strike
Spero News - USA

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Memorial Day Weekend:
As America remembers its veterans...the rest of the world prepares for what else will come next with the further dollar devaluation - worldwide food shortages, global inflation, rising fuel costs, lower living standards.

French fishermen suspend strike AFP - Three supermarkets were raided in the southern Bordeaux region late Thursday and fishermen clashed with truckers loading fish at the Arcachon port.
Truckers feeling the pinch: Daily Record - Ellensburg,WA,USAJordan doesn't have much confidence in any sort of strike by truckers. "You can't get everybody to do it," he says. Mike Langford drives a dually, ...
Balkan truckers ON STRIKE Sofia Echo - BulgariaThe Greeks were the first to start action with a 10-day truckers’ strike that led to considerable fuel and goods shortage and caused rising tension around ...
Stockton truckers call out the industry with 400 on strike - London,UKIndependent truckers in California's San Joaquin Valley shut down their rigs on Friday, May 2nd declaring an open-ended strike. At $4.80 a gallon, ...

Prepare yourself and your land - you will need farm equipment to till your land and heavy equipment to do land clearing, dump trucks for hauling debris - now is the time to get what you need.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Worldwide Truckers Strike News

As you can see below from these news articles from around the world Semi Truck drivers are striking all over the world not just in the U.S. as in California but also in Canada, Bulgaria, Spain, Pakistan, Macedonia, France and Mexico. The higher cost of fuel is affecting transportation of goods worldwide. This has also pushed down the prices of tractor trailers and semis as you will see on the ebay ads on my used heavy equipment website there are alot more for sale and at greatly reduced prices.

Stockton Truckers Call Out the Industry with 400 on StrikeBay Area Indymedia - San Francisco,CA,USAA handful of truckers from a couple companies chose not to strike and crossed the picket lines of their fellow drivers. Rail management for Union Pacific ...

Jevic Transportation Closes; Some Truckers WorryAssociated Content - Denver,CO,USAMy aunt started working for a trucking business during the truckers strike, but she thought that it would help her family to get back on their feet. ...

Truckers protests against the higher fuel pricesSofia Echo - BulgariaSofia Police directorate will provide security guards and control posts, as well as will regulate the traffic during the strike, the statement read. ...

Labor News RoundupGuerrilla News Network - USAFord in Spain; Mass strike over French job cuts; Dems vs. labor in US election; Truckers strike over freight rates & fuel prices Ahoy, fellow workers ...

No political solution in FATA likely anytime soonDaily Times - Lahore,PakistanInsecurity along key trade routes was endemic and transit traders and truckers were left paying exorbitant tolls or simply having their goods stolen, ...

Independent dump truck drivers to strikeTimes and Transcript - Moncton,New Brunswick,CanadaTruckers say they will boycott any Department of Transportation contracts until they reach a deal. Currently, independent dump truck drivers in the province ...

On the picket lineWorkers World - USAThese two locals join nearly 30 GM plants currently closed or partly shut due to the months-long strike at GM parts supplier American Axle. Truckers called ...

Greece's largest union grouping call for a nationwide strikeMacedonia - Montreal,Quebec,CanadaGreece's largest union grouping called for a nationwide strike to take place on Thursday to protest against government privatisation plans, with transport, ...

French fishermen, truckers protest over fuel costsReuters - USAFishermen forced concessions from President Nicolas Sarkozy last November following a six-day strike that blocked numerous ports and oil depots, ...

Sunday, April 06, 2008


UK News about Truckers Strike news is finally spreading worldwide.
Big Rig Documentary about Trucking comes out in June

You think you've got problems's gonna get worse
Food Riots Already Happening
Mexico Food Riots
Global Rice Shortage
Haiti Food Riots
Africa Food Riots
Yemen Food Riots
World Food Crisis
It's all about Biofuels - Biofuel crops replacing grain crops along with drought have caused a world food shortage. Ask yourself - Who knew to plant biofuel crops before the price of oil skyrocketed?
Who controls the Biofuel Industry?
Who bought hundreds of thousands of acres in Paraguay - is it for biofuels/food/water?

Welcome to Life under the New World Order
GM Crops kill Bees and then Mankind

Long Video worth watching:
US food comes from Genetically Modified crops which cover over 80% of the globe. Including biofuel crops. Everything you now eat is genetically modified or created from gm crops.
GM Food is linked to the increases of autism - brain aging in children - the weakest link, growth and immune suppression...time will tell what it does to the rest of us.
You are now dependent on Big Oil and Big Food - Big Water is next - you have been assimilated.
To all my tractor trailer driving trucker friends - have a nice day and enjoy your coffee.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Here are a few notable Trucking news stories I would like to share:

Truckers Gather Around Columbia SC State House
Weekend May Tell Truckers' Strike Impact
Truckers Strike El Paso
Truckers Strike News

Let's Stop Subsidizing Oil Profits
Congress Grills Oil Execs on Record Pump Prices - still no answers
Debunking Oil Industry Myths and Deception
The Big Oil Ripoff

If you run across any other truckers news worth sharing please email it to me

Every corner: Achievement in one area of your life that shines a positive light on all the other areas in your life. So when you seem to be stuck in one part of your life, like driving a tractor trailer, put some effort into making improvements elsewhere.
If, for example, you're having trouble making progress in your career as a truck driver, work on improving your level of physical fitness. The beneficial effects of a higher level of fitness will spill over into all parts of your life.
By the same token, you can't expect to ignore important parts of your life and have things go well in other areas. You can't ignore your spouse and family and expect your job to take up the slack.
Success is a full-time endeavor. It comes when you integrate positive efforts and expectations into every corner of your life.
Your health, your trucking company finances, your friendships, family, faith, community, career, learning, relaxation and recreation all contribute to each other. Balance your time and attention on a daily basis among all the things that truly matter, and the positive momentum will quickly grow.
The achievements that really matter are those that enhance your whole life.
-- Ralph Marston

Friday, April 04, 2008


Dont give up Truckers - we are with you in action and in spirit.
"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."-Theodore Roosevelt

News About Truckers United

Maybe it's time to change jobs - hmmm... Salmon Fishermen aren't doing much better. Maybe it's time to just take the old boat out. Sometimes a change of scenery can do you good.

A burden you don't deserve:
It's easy to blame someone else for your trucking troubles. Yet when you're truly honest with yourself, it's clear that blaming someone else will not add the slightest bit of value to your life.
It seems fair and reasonable to expect your problems to be solved by the people who caused them, but stop and think about it. Do you really wish to give those people who caused your problems any additional control over your life and your future?
To move your life in the direction you choose to go, you must be willing to take full responsibility for it. That means moving past what's easy and accepting that things are not always going to be fair.
Who knows that better than a Tractor Trailer driver.
Perhaps life has given you a burden you don't deserve. Instead of seeing that as an excuse to give up, see it as an opportunity to give more.
Though you may not have brought the troubles upon yourself, you can nevertheless make positive use of them. Choose to take full responsibility for your own situation, and you'll begin to see how you can rise from it to a level that's higher than ever before.
Real success does not result from everything going perfectly. Real success comes when you're willing to move forward no matter what may happen.
-- Ralph Marston

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Yes the Truckers Strike of 2008 is still going on this Thursday, April 3rd. I know it's hard to tell because of the lack of news coverage. I am sure you can guess why it is isn't getting any news coverage - because big oil doesn't want it to - and they do control our media.
Until an effect is seen and complained about loud enough - it will not be noticed.
Local newspapers will print stories about the effect it is having long before it will ever get on TV.
Another reason to park it: When you do your taxes at the end of the year and add it all up do you see yourself working for less than $10 an hour driving that tractor trailer? Can you justify doing that? and being away from your family for that? Somethings gotta change.

After all - if you are sitting at home on strike there is no one to interview at the truck stops anyways. So keep on posting daily to the news links listed on the post from the day before which you can see below this post.

Comments to this blog can be posted by clicking on Comment below.

Here are a few words of encouragement from my favorite motivational person Ralph Marston:
What tomorrow will bring Life is dynamic.
And for that reason, the bad news is never as bad as it seems.
Whatever may happen, whatever condition may arise, you can adjust to it and make the most of it. Not only can you survive in the face of changing conditions, you can indeed prosper.
When you look at new developments through the lens of your existing assumptions, they can often appear overwhelmingly negative and hopeless. Yet when you start working your way through the new conditions, brilliant opportunities begin to appear at nearly every turn.
Circumstances are constantly changing, and even the changes are constantly changing. As you continue to adapt, and as those around you also adapt, positive new possibilities emerge and take root.
It's difficult to know precisely what tomorrow will bring. Yet you can know with confidence that whatever tomorrow does offer, there will be a way for you to make the most of it.
For the value and goodness of life never go away. They just continue to be presented to you in new and more fulfilling ways.
-- Ralph Marston

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Truckers - You have picked up this cross and it is your cross to bear. SHUT DOWN YOUR SEMI TRUCK - SLOW IT DOWN - Even when other tractor trailers are blowing by you - don't give up on this. It IS making a difference - I will post the links to new reports from across the country later to show you that this truckers strike IS working.
This is what the strike can accomplish: NEWSMAX

If you are able to go to the different news agency websites below and post a comment - let your voice be heard. If they get enough posts and emails there will be more news coverage.

Report a News Tip to CNN

Send a Story Idea to CNN

ABC News


Truckers - This is your one opportunity to do something, make a statement, by your words and your actions well placed. No one ever made a difference without sacrifice and now is the time to put those actions behind your words and your beleifs. Take control of your life and of your future.
Comments to this post are welcome. Click on Comment below to add your thoughts.

From Ralph Marston today:
Your destination depends not on where you are but on which way you go. Your results depend not on what has happened, and not on what you have, but on what you do with it all.
From here, you can go anywhere. There are pathways leading in every direction.
What matters now is which of those pathways you choose. What matters now is the next step you take.
Give yourself permission to decide what you truly desire for your life and for your world.
And know that there is a way, right now, to begin creating it.
When your thoughts and actions have a clear, specific purpose, each moment will carry you closer to the fulfillment of that purpose. When you move consistently in a chosen direction, you cannot help but reach the destination you choose.
Lovingly, thoughtfully and carefully select your direction today. You are always moving toward something, so make that something exactly what you wish.
-- Ralph Marston

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


TRUCKERS STRIKE APRIL 1st - 3rd, 2008,
I am so glad the independent truckers are doing this. We need to show our support by joining them in this sit down strike and quit driving for the rest of the week. OK so go out and stock up on groceries first then quit driving as much as possible while this strike is going on.
I don't know how but maybe if enough people join in and they get enough press coverage it will do something to the gas prices. I know it is going to take at least a week before we see the effects of it trickle thru the economy in unstocked shelves and people complaining. Of course I fully expect some people to complain about the truckers instead of understanding why they are striking in the first place - which is outrageously high fuel prices. The large trucking companies get a discount on fuel because they can buy ahead in volume while the indepedent trucker has to pay full price at the pump. I hope that as many truckers as possible can join this strike and that it will make people stand up and take notice. They are really sacrificing folks because if they are not driving they are not making any money and their trucks are still costing them even just sitting idle in insurance costs. It's hard to let a semi truck sit idle when you are paying $8000 plus a year for insurance.
Stand your ground truckers and keep those 18 wheelers shut down as long as you can - I am behind you 100 percent. Good Luck and God Bless.
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