Monday, October 31, 2011

Used Snow Plow Trucks For Moving Snow

It's still not too late to find a great deal on a Snow Plow Truck even though the snow it already on the ground - and came unexpectedly in alot of places.
Now is the time to get great deals on the used heavy equipment up north before the next big snow hits. You can find great deals on Payloaders, Trackhoes, dozers and dump trucks now that the northern building season is over. As it is harder to sell these vehicles when they are covered with snow. Normally you don't have construction up north during the winter much so heavy equipment just sits all winter and gets covered with snow so is tough to sell. I beleive this early snow will melt away
but dealers will want to get rid of their equipment before the next snow hits as well as individuals selling used heavy equipment.
You can also adapt alot of heavy trucks for snow plowing using a snow plow blade on the front.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Heavy Equipment Sales and Restoration

I sell used heavy equipment on my websites and also on craigslist. My years of restoring heavy equipment are long over since I realized how difficult it is to recoup what you put into it after restoration.
But I still enjoy selling other peoples equipment and get emails often asking me to do so.
Some of the equipment I sell are things like payloaders, backhoes, loaders, trackhoes, excavators, dump trucks, lowboy trailers for hauling equipment, and so on and so forth.
I also sell other things besides used heavy equipment such as used boats, horse trailers, horse drawn carriages, antique cars, classic cars, you name it I sell it on my websites.
Since alot of people are short on cash many of my buyers are willing to accept trades or partial trades for their equipment for sale. So with that in mind you should be willing to accept trades or partial trades for whatever it is that you are selling. It opens the door to a whole lot of people that otherwise would not be able to buy your equipment or whatever it is you have for sale.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Used Heavy Equipment Restoration

One of our many used heavy equipment projects was an Allis Chalmers Loader. I worked with Russ for hours scraping and sanding that loader so he could paint it. Spent hours on the phone looking for loader parts. We even had a nice lowboy trailer it fit on and so it was a real nice rig for the right person. I ended up selling it on my heavy equipment website within a few weeks after we got it done. It was tough to see it go after all that hard work.
My favorite restoration project of all though was his 1976 Kenworth Semi Truck...we took it to truck shows and it wons lots of trophys. I will cover that in my next post. Have a great day. - Ann

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I have learned about Restoring Used Heavy Equipment

We used to buy used heavy equipment and spent many hours, days and weeks scraping off old paint, sanding and painting and looking for parts. I would call all the parts places and also spend hours online looking for parts. Then after getting a machine completely up and running and looking good would try to sell it...that is unless we decided to use it ourselves. Those days are long gone as Russ had a heart attack
and within a year another one so his days of working so hard outside in the hot sun are long gone.
So now I just sell used heavy equipment, old boats, machinery and used cars for other people on
It's not so helps pay the bills and I have met alot of interesting people along the way.
Although we did try to get the best price we could on the used equipment we did buy before restoration I have come to the conclusion that it isn't worth restoring except to use for yourself.
Seldom did we make enough of a profit to justify the hard work that went into it. So I am more than happy to just sell other people equipment and let someone else do the restoring.
Maybe you could find something here worth restoring.