Monday, September 08, 2008


If you go to craigslist and click on barter you will see that more and more people in small businesses that provide services are willing to barter. This is because their businesses are slowing down in many parts of the country. People that provide services such as roofing, painting, carpentry, land clearing, construction related industries, t-shirt advertising, auto repair, household repairs, plumbing, electrical, lawyers...the more I look the more I see. It is getting harder and harder to sell things and so people are turning to bartering. This trend is a clear indication of the direction our country is headed. Many people are advertising used heavy equipment in trade for other things they are looking for. I have even gotten to the point where I have advertised things I own in trade. I am trying to sell the following items and am willing to do a trade or partial trade for a small economical sportscar, jewelry, gems, coins, bullion, etc.,. what have you got to trade?
Are you looking for a Backhoe, Boat, Horse Drawn Carriage, Emeralds...these are some of the things I have to trade. Perhaps you are a truck driver or former truck driver that owns his own truck. You may want to consider selling it on my used heavy equipment site. I only charge 5% of the sale and you would get great exposure because I post the ads for it on craigslist as well as putting pictures of it on my heavy equipment site. No up front cost here and nothing to lose - you only pay if it sells.