Saturday, June 08, 2013

Payloaders are Best for Storm Cleanup

There are many different types of heavy equipment that could be used for storm cleanup
but the most popular is the payloader which is also known as a wheel loader.
They can also be track loaders too - wheel loaders are more manuverable however.
A payloader can scoop up debris and then lift it up to be put into a dump truck or dump trailer.
It can also scrap under debris and dirt because it has a nice blade on the front of the bucket.
Backhoes are harder to move around because the boom on the back can get in the way.
For tight spaces a small bobcat is best but it can't lift up high enough
to get into some dump trucks like a loader can. So if you have to rent used heavy equipment
make sure you get the right type of machinery for the job.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Get Your Heavy Equipment Ready for a Busy Storm Season

Is your used heavy equipment ready to go if it needs to be called upon for after storm cleanup Better to get it ready now as we are approaching a very busy hurricane season in the southeast which can be expected because of the already active tornado season. You may have already been involved in cleaning up after the swath of tornadoes and are already using your heavy equipment, bobcats and loaders for that. If you live in Florida you may want to think ahead about what type of payloader you will need to help with storm cleanup. Storm cleanup is a lucrative business and heavy equipment is sorely needed after any major storm.