Saturday, June 09, 2007

Florida Semis for Sale Cheap

I have an overabundance of used semis for sale out here in the sticks in Bunnell Florida that needs to be moved.
If you are looking for a tractor trailer or know of someone that is please tell them to visit my used heavy equipment site and scroll down to see all the bargains on used semis for sale. I also have a D6 Dozer on there, dump truck, lowboy trailer and lots of antique equipment on other pages.
There must be some mechanically inclined handymen out there that would love a new project.
We honey I've got plenty of em just visit my used heavy equipment site. and fill out the contact form if you have any questions. I'm just sittin here waitin for you my darlin. I would just love to show you what I've got. And if you don't see it on the website just ask and if I don't have it I may know someone that does.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Drop Deck Trailers For Hauling Heavy Equipment

Alot of people ask me what the difference is between a drop deck trailer and a lowboy trailer for hauling heavy equipment. Well if you go to my website you will see a low boy trailer right there on the front page that also qualifies as a drop deck because the front of it sets up on the fifth wheel of the semi it attaches to. Some would beg to differ and say that is not a drop deck but I say it is. You can also see even more lowboy trailers by going to my used heavy equipment site and clicking on lowboy trailers on the right hand side at the top of the front page.
I have seen some people use flatbed trailers to haul equipment but that is the type of equipment that doesn't sit up very high. Most things like loaders, backhoes and dozers need to be hauled on the back of a lowboy.

Click on any listing below then click on REGISTER at the top of the listing (it's FREE)

to get more information about the Drop Deck Trailers that you are interested in.

You can also enter the type of Drop Deck Trailer you are looking for in the search box below.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hurricane Season is Here - Dump Trucks Get Ready

Now is the time to get your dump truck in good working order for the busy hurricane season ahead. Or if you don't already have a dump truck or dump trailer maybe you should think about getting one. Oh I know some people think that just because last year was slow for hurricanes that this year will be too. But do you ever get that gut feeling that something really big is gonna happen this year - well so do I. Maybe it's the quiet before the storm but the weather has just been too nice lately. This is the coolest beginning of summer I have ever experienced in Florida. We haven't had to use the air conditioning until just yesterday and usually we have it on by the middle of May. Or maybe I am just avoiding those high electric bills that come along in July and August. Even if the weather stays wonderful a dump truck always comes in handy for land clearing and construction projects. Beleive me as soon as the neighbors find out you have one they will be begging to borrow it and the same goes for a dump trailer. And if you have a teenager that you are trying to keep busy during the summer it can really come in handy for his landscaping and yard cleaning business which is a great introduction to hard sweaty manual labor to help inspire him to want to go to college. And sometimes it's easier to get heavy equipment financing than it is to get college tuition.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Get Down and Dirty With a Backhoe

I haven't met a farmer or land owner yet that doesn't wish for a backhoe. They are so versatile and multi-purpose. You can push dirt around with the backhoe blade, pick it up and dump it into a dump truck and then pickup scoops of dirt with the hoe part. You can dig ponds and ditches. I could go on and on about the myriad of uses for a backhoe versus getting a dozer and loader separately. A Backhoe is an all purpose machine and would be the 1st peice of heavy equipment I would ever get and the 2nd most important being the dump truck. You can put a lowboy trailer onto the back of a dump truck and use it to pull your backhoe. Anyone with a rig like that would be the envy of their redneck neighborhood. So keep your eye out for the backhoe of your dreams, no matter how dirty and ugly it is when you go to look at it remember it can always be cleaned up. If it's still running - it's worth lookin into. Yes you may end up having to replace some hydraulic hoses but you would have to do that with just about any machine sooner or later.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Your Ugly and So is Your Semi Truck

Do you have one of those ugly semis that have dented fenders and paint chips or just missing a whole lot of paint in places. Is the bumber dented and dragging and looks the way you feel.
Do you seem to spend more time fixin the damn thing than driving it?
Well my friend then it's about time you thought about getting yourself a new or used semi that looks better than what you got.
You may still be ugly but your semi truck doesn't have to be and you will feel better driving something that makes you look good too.
You don't have to buy new to find a good looking tractor trailer. You can even get great heavy equipment financing from Direct Capitol whether it is new or used.
Start looking now and get yourself into a new semi truck that makes you feel good about yourself, your job and your life.
I know you dream about Trick my Truck coming along and fixin that old beater but we both know that ain't gonna happen.