Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Small Dump Trucks for Debris Cleanup

I have a small dump truck on my heavy equipment site that would be perfect for debris cleanup after a storm such as tropical storm Ernesto. We didn't get as much rain here as I had hoped but some say that tonight is when it will really hit up here north of Daytona. I hope so otherwise I have to go back to watering all the plants by hand with a garden hose.
I actually have 2 dump trucks on the website a 1988 Ford F150 pickup with dump body on it and I will soon be posting our larger dump truck on there.
We don't be needing it anymore and so it should be on there soon.
If you are interested in dump trucks please fill out the contact form on my used heavy equipment site and let me know.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Hurricane Ernesto Coming to Florida

Hurricane Ernesto is slowly but surely barreling it's way towards Florida today and many Floridians are starting to prepare for the onslaught of high winds and rain.
We do need the rain and are just now starting to get some rain from it up here in the Daytona area but by Wednesday I am sure we are going to see alot more rain than we want.
I am looking forward to the rain as a welcome releif from the heat but along with that will come tornadoes and high winds that I am not looking forward to.
We are all ready here with plenty of water, gasoline, a generator and food set aside just in case its needed. It seems during this time of the year we are in a perpetual state of readiness anyways. We still have our dump truck and backhoe just in case we have to do some heavy duty cleanup. All the vehicles have been filled up with gas and soon we will be moving them away from the trees as an added precaution. Tarps on awnings will be taken down and stowed away, lawn furniture layed down or turned upside down so it's less likely to become a projectile. Hanging plants taken off the front porch. Sometimes it's not until the wind picks up that you realize you forgot something. So Good Luck and God Bless Florida and may all it's people be well prepared.
If you are looking for any used heavy equipment you can find it online at Florida Earth Movers. along with a whole bunch of neat stuff like sports cars, RV's, boats, antique machinery, etc.,.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Can Used Heavy Equipment Help You Prepare?

In these uncertain unsettling times what should we do to prepare?
You should first do the same as when you prepare for a hurricane - you set aside food, medicines, gasoline, batteries, water, a generator, etc.,. but there is much more time to do more than just that.
You can get the heavy equipment you need to get things done now and for things that will need to be done in the future.
If you live in a low lying area you may want to think about purchasing a backhoe to dig trenches to drain off water or a dozer to build up earth around your homestead.
It's always a good idea to have plenty of ponds for your livestock which may need to be dug with an excavator. Post hole diggers are needed for putting up more fencing. Fuel tanks for storing fuel for your equipment which could become scarce as well as more expensive.
Fiberglass storm panels are a cheap but long lasting alternative to plywood for boarding up windows against a storm. A good old reliable dump truck is so handy on the family farm.
Farm Tractors are always needed for pulling the many farm implements to till your fields.
For heavy duty jobs a loader can be used for pushing away debris and piling it up for burning.
I hope this handy list of equipment will help you to think about what you need to think about getting-and soon.