Friday, June 30, 2006

Places to Post your Heavy Equipment For Sale

I have found some great places to post used heavy equipment for sale on the internet at - the best thing to do after going there is pick the city closest to where the equipment is and then post the ad in the appropriate category. Next do a search for your state free classifieds and a whole list of free places to advertise comes up. Be sure to post in the same state the equipment is in and into a category most closely related to what you are selling. Most all of these free classifieds even allow a few pictures and I always add my website address in the body of the ad to help my site get more traffic.
If you are needing more traffic to your used heavy equipment site then be sure to visit my page about how to Improve your Websites Performance on the Search Engines. It gives you a list of steps you should take to help your heavy equipment site do better and if you need help you can always contact me.
Thanks for visiting my heavy equipment blog - Ann Menke

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Heavy Equipment For Land Owners

If you have recently bought a large peice of undeveloped property that you are living on you can clear it yourself using your own used heavy equipment.
The first thing we bought was a Case backhoe that we found on the internet for only $500. It was in peices and was someone elses restoration project that we got for very little - site unseen. Then we went down to get it with a low boy trailer. Luckily the farmer that had it for sale had another backhoe to place the parts onto the truck.
It was a big restoration project but years later that backhoe is still doing it's job. Many hours were spent sanding and scraping rust off, then it was primered and painted. All the rubber hydraulic hoses had to be replaced and a rebuilt engine was found to replace the one that came with it.The drivers seat was replaced and now that backhoe is very much in demand in this neck of the woods. The next peice of equipment we really needed was a dump truck which I will talk about on my next post.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Places to Sell Used Heavy Equipment

I use many different websites to sell my used heavy equipment. Here are a few you might like to try such as antique tractors.
Advertise your Used Semi Trucks here.
I also sometimes list a cheap peice of heavy machinery on ebay and put my website address in the ebay ad to help the site get more hits.
Sometimes I will get a "list till it sells" ad in traderonline and put a link in it going to my website to get more hits...this can give you up to a year of advertising for your website for very little money.
You may also want to try listing for free by posting an ad in a city local to you on
Craigslist ads will usually give you exposure for about a week when the ad is first entered but become stale after that.
The truckpaper will let you put in 2 free ads when you first start an account with them and these can have links in them going to your website to help it get more traffic. If you have a heavy equipment website that needs more hits I know many other way to Improve Your Websites Performance.
Hope this information is helpful to everyone that is trying to sell their used heavy equipement.
Thanks for visiting - Ann Menke

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How To Buy Used Heavy Equipment

I scan all the Florida penneysavers and local newspaper ads online then go to
Ebay and traderonline to check on prices of heavy equipment before I buy.
This also helps me to see what other people are asking for their equipment-which is usually more than they actually sell it for but it gives me something to go by. I make notes that I can refer to later when I get ready to sell something so that I know I will be asking a competitive price. I have seen too often my own customers that advertise heavy equipment on my site start off too high and then end up losing customers because of it. To me it is a waste of time and advertising space to put an item up for sale at too high of a price just because you think someone would be stupid enough to pay that much. Get real and post a realistic starting price or that person will go somewhere else and buy and never come back again. Better to make a sale at a lower price than not make a sale at all because time is money and the longer your money sits there in that machine is not helping you at all. The whole idea is to keep your money working for you by buying, fixing and selling in order to buy some more. That's what it's all about. Set some goals for yourself by making alist of the types of Heavy Machinery you would like to get for yourself and those that you seem to get a lot of requests for. Keep this list next to your computer so you will always have in mind what type of heavy equuipment to keep an eye out for. I hope this helps you to get that machine of your dreams.
Thanks for reading My Heavy Equipment blog - Ann Menke

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Heavy Equipment Restorations

We have been doing heavy equipment restoration for many years now. There is alot of sanding and priming and painting involved the same as when restoring a classic car. Here you can see an old 1966 Case backhoe we restored before and after pictures.
On that same page are some before and after pictures of rustholes and bodywork that were done.
You can work on more than one restoration project at a time so you don't get bored working on the same thing all the time such as a antique car and a peice of heavy equipment. It seems we always have quite a few restoration projects all going on at the same time. This way after all the sanding is done-the primer can be sprayed on everything at the same time and then the paint after that. Of course I recommend getting all the diesel engine work done first since it creates such a mess of oil and grease.
I find mechanical and engine parts online and have a list of places I call when looking for parts.
We also have places here locally that make hydraulic hoses which seem to need replacing on all old machines since the rubber rots and breaks when they have been sitting a long time.
Before starting on any type of vehicle restoration project if you are planning to sell it for a profit be sure the amount of time and effort involved in restoration will be made up for. I have heard many times of people feeling they were not getting back what they put in-in labor when selling a peice that they worked so hard to restore. Be sure it is really worth restoring first.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Restoring Used Heavy Equipment

We have been buying and selling used heavy equipment for some time now and get all kinds of questions about how to restore it.
Restoration does increase the value of some types of equipment but you have to ask yourself if all the effort will really make it worthwhile in the end.
There are many times we have restored something thinking it would fetch more because it looked brand new but then were disappointed to find out it didn't.
The reason being that most people go by the year of the vehicle first as a way to compare it to other vehicles when shopping around.
I always check traderonline first before buying a peice of equipment or any type of vehicle to see what other people are asking for it and then I also check the completed listings on ebay to see what it actually sold for.
Many times what something sells for is a far cry from what someone is asking.
If you are able to get a peice of heavy equipment cheap enough and see that it could sell for much more after it is restored than by all means do fix it up. But do alot of research first before putting in all that effort.
I will go into more detail about the different steps in vehicle restoration tommorrow.
Thanks for reading my blog - Ann

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Disaster Cleanup is Big Business

Although many do not want to admit it disaster cleanup is big business for the heavy equipment industry. In case you haven't heard many small and big time contractors made a bundle cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina.
Of course those are the ones that did work for private businesses that were in a hurry to get back up and running and also private individuals. There were alot of losers that came and went over there because they signed up for government contracts only to find out it takes 90 days to get paid. So if you don't have deep pockets you don't want to go that route. That is why you will see alot of used dump trailers sitting around for sale in New Orleans...the owners just went broke. They went over there with everything they had financially thinking they were going to make the big bucks but couldn't last the 90 days it takes to get paid. It's hard to run a dump truck on fumes so next time they need to try to find work thru another bigger contractor with deeper pockets or from a private business owner. And there will always be a next time-so take heed all you dump truck and dump trailer drivers-next time you set out to do disaster cleanup-be careful who you sign on with. And don't forget to take into account the cost of getting their and back and staying where the action is.