Monday, August 28, 2006

Hurricane Ernesto Coming to Florida

Hurricane Ernesto is slowly but surely barreling it's way towards Florida today and many Floridians are starting to prepare for the onslaught of high winds and rain.
We do need the rain and are just now starting to get some rain from it up here in the Daytona area but by Wednesday I am sure we are going to see alot more rain than we want.
I am looking forward to the rain as a welcome releif from the heat but along with that will come tornadoes and high winds that I am not looking forward to.
We are all ready here with plenty of water, gasoline, a generator and food set aside just in case its needed. It seems during this time of the year we are in a perpetual state of readiness anyways. We still have our dump truck and backhoe just in case we have to do some heavy duty cleanup. All the vehicles have been filled up with gas and soon we will be moving them away from the trees as an added precaution. Tarps on awnings will be taken down and stowed away, lawn furniture layed down or turned upside down so it's less likely to become a projectile. Hanging plants taken off the front porch. Sometimes it's not until the wind picks up that you realize you forgot something. So Good Luck and God Bless Florida and may all it's people be well prepared.
If you are looking for any used heavy equipment you can find it online at Florida Earth Movers. along with a whole bunch of neat stuff like sports cars, RV's, boats, antique machinery, etc.,.

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