Monday, September 18, 2006

Why is Heavy Equipment So Important

I can't begin to stress the major roll that heavy equipment has in our lives. From that you see used while driving to work along the freeways to dozers pushing dirt around creating new subdivisions near where you live. Heavy equipment has a great impact on the environment and sometimes it is not always for the better. Even though I sell used heavy equipment I am still loathe to see the clear cutting I saw recently in Houston Texas in the haste that developers are in to put up new houses. They literally stripped acres of land of all trees and bushes leaving a barren wasteland upon which they will be building hundreds of rows of tract housing out in the suburbs. I also see this type of development alot around Orlando Florida. I understand it is much easier to develop land in this manner than trying to spare every tree and shrub. In some parts of Florida you are not allowed to cut a tree down that is over 6 inches without a permit and if you do you have to replant many trees to make up for it. Perhaps the trees these developers plant later are supposed to make up for everything they obliterated but I know it takes decades to replace a full grown pine or oak tree.
In the area I live in we leave at least a 10 ft. swath of land uncleared all around the edges of the property for privacy and try to spare as many trees as possible because the shade really makes a difference in Florida. I don't like rules anymore than the next person when it comes to land clearing but it is a sin to see acres of land completely decimated to build these mega subdivisions. Be a responsible land developer and promote better land clearing practices that save already grown trees.

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