Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Used Heavy Machinery As a Business Expense

I just setup a brand new used heavy machinery website that you might like to look at.
Now is a good time to buy heavy equipment for your business before the end of the year so you can use it as a tax deduction. Certain types of equipment can be completely deducted and some you may want to depreciate over a few years. The best thing to do would be to ask your accountant which would be better for you and tell him what types of heavy machinery you were wanting to buy and how much you expect them to cost.
I am always searching for things I can write off as a business expense as the end of the year draws near. Alot of people buy computers and office supplies this time of year in a big rush to get in as many business expenses as possible. So keep in mind if you are in any kind of business that requires used heavy equipment or machinery be sure to find out from your accountant how much of the cost you can use as a deduction this year.

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Phil said...

it's nice to see a market for used machinery popping up all over the country. Sure beats buying it new!