Sunday, May 27, 2007

Preventing Rust on Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment is a valuable investments so you want to keep your own used heavy equipment in excellent shape and condition as much as possible. No matter how old or new it is or whether it’s a known model or not, you should give it special treatment as it provides as efficient, safe and comfortable means of earning a living as well as being used for personal use.

It is inevitable for any type of used heavy equipment to experience common mechanical problems; this is especially true if the model is already old. Among the most destructive and the most annoying problems is rust. This affects almost all machinery parts, especially those exposed to moisture. One used semis the body panels, including the doors, the fenders, the hood and the bed are of course among the most vulnerable. When damaged by rust, these body parts become weak and not only that, they become ugly too. Replacement may be your only solution.

The hood is one of the most important body parts as this is used to protect the most vital parts of your semi truck such as the engine. Just like the doors and the fenders, this must be rigid and tough to be able to give the best protection to parts underneath.

Since the hood has a metal covering that is exposed to harsh elements in the environment, the hood is also very susceptible to rust. Because of this, proper care is needed. It must be kept clean all the time and make sure the drain holes around the hood are clear so water can't pass through and cause rust.

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