Saturday, April 05, 2008


Here are a few notable Trucking news stories I would like to share:

Truckers Gather Around Columbia SC State House
Weekend May Tell Truckers' Strike Impact
Truckers Strike El Paso
Truckers Strike News

Let's Stop Subsidizing Oil Profits
Congress Grills Oil Execs on Record Pump Prices - still no answers
Debunking Oil Industry Myths and Deception
The Big Oil Ripoff

If you run across any other truckers news worth sharing please email it to me

Every corner: Achievement in one area of your life that shines a positive light on all the other areas in your life. So when you seem to be stuck in one part of your life, like driving a tractor trailer, put some effort into making improvements elsewhere.
If, for example, you're having trouble making progress in your career as a truck driver, work on improving your level of physical fitness. The beneficial effects of a higher level of fitness will spill over into all parts of your life.
By the same token, you can't expect to ignore important parts of your life and have things go well in other areas. You can't ignore your spouse and family and expect your job to take up the slack.
Success is a full-time endeavor. It comes when you integrate positive efforts and expectations into every corner of your life.
Your health, your trucking company finances, your friendships, family, faith, community, career, learning, relaxation and recreation all contribute to each other. Balance your time and attention on a daily basis among all the things that truly matter, and the positive momentum will quickly grow.
The achievements that really matter are those that enhance your whole life.
-- Ralph Marston

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