Sunday, May 25, 2008


Memorial Day Weekend:
As America remembers its veterans...the rest of the world prepares for what else will come next with the further dollar devaluation - worldwide food shortages, global inflation, rising fuel costs, lower living standards.

French fishermen suspend strike AFP - Three supermarkets were raided in the southern Bordeaux region late Thursday and fishermen clashed with truckers loading fish at the Arcachon port.
Truckers feeling the pinch: Daily Record - Ellensburg,WA,USAJordan doesn't have much confidence in any sort of strike by truckers. "You can't get everybody to do it," he says. Mike Langford drives a dually, ...
Balkan truckers ON STRIKE Sofia Echo - BulgariaThe Greeks were the first to start action with a 10-day truckers’ strike that led to considerable fuel and goods shortage and caused rising tension around ...
Stockton truckers call out the industry with 400 on strike - London,UKIndependent truckers in California's San Joaquin Valley shut down their rigs on Friday, May 2nd declaring an open-ended strike. At $4.80 a gallon, ...

Prepare yourself and your land - you will need farm equipment to till your land and heavy equipment to do land clearing, dump trucks for hauling debris - now is the time to get what you need.

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