Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Truckers Strikes Still Going on World Wide

Wow fuel costs dropped 5 cents and they say we should be happy - what are they kidding!
This is not going to end people - it's a game they are playing on all of us.
Get out of trucking while you can - sell your truck, why torture yourself. Work locally and be closer to your family.
Run heavy equipment instead, do trucking locally, store food, prepare for tornadoes, hurricanes, and food lines.
Network with like minded people.

90000 Spanish truckers strike over soaring fuel prices CBC.ca - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
The truckers participating in the strike are largely self-employed or work for small and medium-sized shipping companies, BBC News says. ...
South Korean construction unions join truckers on strikeXinhua - China SEOUL, June 16 (Xinhua) -- South Korean construction unions joined truckers on a nationwide strike on Monday over rising fuel costs, according to Yonhap ...See all stories on this topic
South Korean Workers Go On Strike; Demand Fuel Subsidy Raise, Pay Hike Gant Daily - Clearfield,PA,USAKorean Cargo Workers' Union has led around 13000 truckers from different organizations in the work stoppage to demand an increase in the fuel subsidy from ...
Truckers' strike cripples Busan port Cargonews Asia - Hong Kong The truckers' strike has caused US$2.31 billion in losses to exporters and $2.43 billion in losses to importers. The government has asked Korea Express Co, ...
UPDATE 1-Colombia truckers strike over fuel costs, freight Reuters UK - UKBOGOTA, June 16 (Reuters) - Colombian truck drivers went on strike on Monday to protest high fuel prices, tolls and freight payments, but the government ...See all stories on this topic

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