Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Slow Economy Means Bargains Galore

Yes folks it may be tougt h times for some and so that is why you will see lower prices on everything from used heavy equipment to horse drawn carriages.
People are getting desperate and need to sell stuff to pay their bills. Take advantage of this great equipment buying opportunity - even trading is becoming more popular.
You will see all manner of trades - some people wanting to take part cash and part trade for motorcycles, pickups, SUV's, boats, you name it - if you are flexible you can make out like a bandit. Many times you will see the same items for sale for weeks and the prices just keep dropping. Keep checking back will you see a price you can afford. Don't be shy - if you don't ask you won't know if they would of taken something in trade. Asking doesn't cost anything.

Qld braces for truckies' action ABC Online - AustraliaTruck drivers across Queensland are preparing to take part in a two-week nationwide industry shutdown which could affect the state's economy.
Truck strike supported by 60pc of drivers, NTRF claims Stock and Land - Fairfax,AustraliaAn estimated 60pc of Australia's road transporters remain on strike and are expected to stay on strike for up to two weeks unless Government responds to
Fresh produce under threat Ipswich Queensland Times - Australia"The trucking industry prides itself on being highly competitive and efficient," the spokesman said. "However, the industry's strength can also be its ...

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