Sunday, April 06, 2008


UK News about Truckers Strike news is finally spreading worldwide.
Big Rig Documentary about Trucking comes out in June

You think you've got problems's gonna get worse
Food Riots Already Happening
Mexico Food Riots
Global Rice Shortage
Haiti Food Riots
Africa Food Riots
Yemen Food Riots
World Food Crisis
It's all about Biofuels - Biofuel crops replacing grain crops along with drought have caused a world food shortage. Ask yourself - Who knew to plant biofuel crops before the price of oil skyrocketed?
Who controls the Biofuel Industry?
Who bought hundreds of thousands of acres in Paraguay - is it for biofuels/food/water?

Welcome to Life under the New World Order
GM Crops kill Bees and then Mankind

Long Video worth watching:
US food comes from Genetically Modified crops which cover over 80% of the globe. Including biofuel crops. Everything you now eat is genetically modified or created from gm crops.
GM Food is linked to the increases of autism - brain aging in children - the weakest link, growth and immune suppression...time will tell what it does to the rest of us.
You are now dependent on Big Oil and Big Food - Big Water is next - you have been assimilated.
To all my tractor trailer driving trucker friends - have a nice day and enjoy your coffee.

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«—U®Anu§—» said...

I'm a former driver, forcibly retired in 2002 by an employer that used me as slave labor then slaughtered my DAC report. After two decades of uniformly bad treatment by truck companies, I was probably more happy than anything, in spite of the fact I lost my home and almost starved. I admire what drivers are doing, and always knew it was necessary. It's too bad it's come to this.

I have a two-part blog post I'd like you and all drivers to see. Think long and hard about it, too! Did you know we haven't needed gas or diesel engines, the grid, natural gas, fuel oil, uranium or coal since 1893? That's 115 years. Who really runs the world? I have lots of time to think about such things. See here and here.

To beat them, their markets must disappear. Along with a lot of political commentary, these posts suggests possible ways to do it.