Monday, October 31, 2011

Used Snow Plow Trucks For Moving Snow

It's still not too late to find a great deal on a Snow Plow Truck even though the snow it already on the ground - and came unexpectedly in alot of places.
Now is the time to get great deals on the used heavy equipment up north before the next big snow hits. You can find great deals on Payloaders, Trackhoes, dozers and dump trucks now that the northern building season is over. As it is harder to sell these vehicles when they are covered with snow. Normally you don't have construction up north during the winter much so heavy equipment just sits all winter and gets covered with snow so is tough to sell. I beleive this early snow will melt away
but dealers will want to get rid of their equipment before the next snow hits as well as individuals selling used heavy equipment.
You can also adapt alot of heavy trucks for snow plowing using a snow plow blade on the front.


goraya said...
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john carter said...

I am also looking for some used snow moving equipments for sale and it was a relief to find someone with the same. Thanks for sharing this. Where can I contact your company if I need these? used machinery for sale.