Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I have learned about Restoring Used Heavy Equipment

We used to buy used heavy equipment and spent many hours, days and weeks scraping off old paint, sanding and painting and looking for parts. I would call all the parts places and also spend hours online looking for parts. Then after getting a machine completely up and running and looking good would try to sell it...that is unless we decided to use it ourselves. Those days are long gone as Russ had a heart attack
and within a year another one so his days of working so hard outside in the hot sun are long gone.
So now I just sell used heavy equipment, old boats, machinery and used cars for other people on
It's not so helps pay the bills and I have met alot of interesting people along the way.
Although we did try to get the best price we could on the used equipment we did buy before restoration I have come to the conclusion that it isn't worth restoring except to use for yourself.
Seldom did we make enough of a profit to justify the hard work that went into it. So I am more than happy to just sell other people equipment and let someone else do the restoring.
Maybe you could find something here worth restoring.

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