Saturday, November 25, 2006

Time to Get Ready for the Snow

Now is the time to think ahead and be prepared for the long winter ahead. It has already snowed in Florida just last week so the rest of the country will soon be in a deep freeze.
I decided to add some pages selling Snow Plow Trucks and Snow Blades that can be attached to the front of pickup trucks which I also have for sale albeit in Florida.
So maybe some of you snowbirds might want to take a vacation to pickup a pickup truck to take back with you to start your snow plowing business.
While your at it don't forget to check out the Snowmobiles for fun and recreation after you work tirelessy clearing your driveway with your handy dandy Snowblower which you could use on your neighbors driveway for a fee or put your teenager to work with.
Doesn't he need to get out from in front of the XBox anyways and make himself useful.

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