Tuesday, April 01, 2008


TRUCKERS STRIKE APRIL 1st - 3rd, 2008,
I am so glad the independent truckers are doing this. We need to show our support by joining them in this sit down strike and quit driving for the rest of the week. OK so go out and stock up on groceries first then quit driving as much as possible while this strike is going on.
I don't know how but maybe if enough people join in and they get enough press coverage it will do something to the gas prices. I know it is going to take at least a week before we see the effects of it trickle thru the economy in unstocked shelves and people complaining. Of course I fully expect some people to complain about the truckers instead of understanding why they are striking in the first place - which is outrageously high fuel prices. The large trucking companies get a discount on fuel because they can buy ahead in volume while the indepedent trucker has to pay full price at the pump. I hope that as many truckers as possible can join this strike and that it will make people stand up and take notice. They are really sacrificing folks because if they are not driving they are not making any money and their trucks are still costing them even just sitting idle in insurance costs. It's hard to let a semi truck sit idle when you are paying $8000 plus a year for insurance.
Stand your ground truckers and keep those 18 wheelers shut down as long as you can - I am behind you 100 percent. Good Luck and God Bless.
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STORMY said...

Every American should support the truckers. It is about time people get together and try to put a stop of this nonsense of the gas companies fucking everyone and the government allowing them to do it. How about the everyday drivers do the same thing. I bet the prices would drop overnight. America is behind you. Keep it up until we get some action!