Saturday, June 02, 2007

Get Down and Dirty With a Backhoe

I haven't met a farmer or land owner yet that doesn't wish for a backhoe. They are so versatile and multi-purpose. You can push dirt around with the backhoe blade, pick it up and dump it into a dump truck and then pickup scoops of dirt with the hoe part. You can dig ponds and ditches. I could go on and on about the myriad of uses for a backhoe versus getting a dozer and loader separately. A Backhoe is an all purpose machine and would be the 1st peice of heavy equipment I would ever get and the 2nd most important being the dump truck. You can put a lowboy trailer onto the back of a dump truck and use it to pull your backhoe. Anyone with a rig like that would be the envy of their redneck neighborhood. So keep your eye out for the backhoe of your dreams, no matter how dirty and ugly it is when you go to look at it remember it can always be cleaned up. If it's still running - it's worth lookin into. Yes you may end up having to replace some hydraulic hoses but you would have to do that with just about any machine sooner or later.

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