Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hurricane Season is Here - Dump Trucks Get Ready

Now is the time to get your dump truck in good working order for the busy hurricane season ahead. Or if you don't already have a dump truck or dump trailer maybe you should think about getting one. Oh I know some people think that just because last year was slow for hurricanes that this year will be too. But do you ever get that gut feeling that something really big is gonna happen this year - well so do I. Maybe it's the quiet before the storm but the weather has just been too nice lately. This is the coolest beginning of summer I have ever experienced in Florida. We haven't had to use the air conditioning until just yesterday and usually we have it on by the middle of May. Or maybe I am just avoiding those high electric bills that come along in July and August. Even if the weather stays wonderful a dump truck always comes in handy for land clearing and construction projects. Beleive me as soon as the neighbors find out you have one they will be begging to borrow it and the same goes for a dump trailer. And if you have a teenager that you are trying to keep busy during the summer it can really come in handy for his landscaping and yard cleaning business which is a great introduction to hard sweaty manual labor to help inspire him to want to go to college. And sometimes it's easier to get heavy equipment financing than it is to get college tuition.

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