Friday, June 01, 2007

Your Ugly and So is Your Semi Truck

Do you have one of those ugly semis that have dented fenders and paint chips or just missing a whole lot of paint in places. Is the bumber dented and dragging and looks the way you feel.
Do you seem to spend more time fixin the damn thing than driving it?
Well my friend then it's about time you thought about getting yourself a new or used semi that looks better than what you got.
You may still be ugly but your semi truck doesn't have to be and you will feel better driving something that makes you look good too.
You don't have to buy new to find a good looking tractor trailer. You can even get great heavy equipment financing from Direct Capitol whether it is new or used.
Start looking now and get yourself into a new semi truck that makes you feel good about yourself, your job and your life.
I know you dream about Trick my Truck coming along and fixin that old beater but we both know that ain't gonna happen.

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