Friday, June 08, 2007

Drop Deck Trailers For Hauling Heavy Equipment

Alot of people ask me what the difference is between a drop deck trailer and a lowboy trailer for hauling heavy equipment. Well if you go to my website you will see a low boy trailer right there on the front page that also qualifies as a drop deck because the front of it sets up on the fifth wheel of the semi it attaches to. Some would beg to differ and say that is not a drop deck but I say it is. You can also see even more lowboy trailers by going to my used heavy equipment site and clicking on lowboy trailers on the right hand side at the top of the front page.
I have seen some people use flatbed trailers to haul equipment but that is the type of equipment that doesn't sit up very high. Most things like loaders, backhoes and dozers need to be hauled on the back of a lowboy.

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These trucks are good for hauling heavy equipments i really like the blog thankyou so much for posting this..
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