Sunday, June 11, 2006

Restoring Used Heavy Equipment

We have been buying and selling used heavy equipment for some time now and get all kinds of questions about how to restore it.
Restoration does increase the value of some types of equipment but you have to ask yourself if all the effort will really make it worthwhile in the end.
There are many times we have restored something thinking it would fetch more because it looked brand new but then were disappointed to find out it didn't.
The reason being that most people go by the year of the vehicle first as a way to compare it to other vehicles when shopping around.
I always check traderonline first before buying a peice of equipment or any type of vehicle to see what other people are asking for it and then I also check the completed listings on ebay to see what it actually sold for.
Many times what something sells for is a far cry from what someone is asking.
If you are able to get a peice of heavy equipment cheap enough and see that it could sell for much more after it is restored than by all means do fix it up. But do alot of research first before putting in all that effort.
I will go into more detail about the different steps in vehicle restoration tommorrow.
Thanks for reading my blog - Ann

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