Friday, June 30, 2006

Places to Post your Heavy Equipment For Sale

I have found some great places to post used heavy equipment for sale on the internet at - the best thing to do after going there is pick the city closest to where the equipment is and then post the ad in the appropriate category. Next do a search for your state free classifieds and a whole list of free places to advertise comes up. Be sure to post in the same state the equipment is in and into a category most closely related to what you are selling. Most all of these free classifieds even allow a few pictures and I always add my website address in the body of the ad to help my site get more traffic.
If you are needing more traffic to your used heavy equipment site then be sure to visit my page about how to Improve your Websites Performance on the Search Engines. It gives you a list of steps you should take to help your heavy equipment site do better and if you need help you can always contact me.
Thanks for visiting my heavy equipment blog - Ann Menke

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