Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How To Buy Used Heavy Equipment

I scan all the Florida penneysavers and local newspaper ads online then go to
Ebay and traderonline to check on prices of heavy equipment before I buy.
This also helps me to see what other people are asking for their equipment-which is usually more than they actually sell it for but it gives me something to go by. I make notes that I can refer to later when I get ready to sell something so that I know I will be asking a competitive price. I have seen too often my own customers that advertise heavy equipment on my site start off too high and then end up losing customers because of it. To me it is a waste of time and advertising space to put an item up for sale at too high of a price just because you think someone would be stupid enough to pay that much. Get real and post a realistic starting price or that person will go somewhere else and buy and never come back again. Better to make a sale at a lower price than not make a sale at all because time is money and the longer your money sits there in that machine is not helping you at all. The whole idea is to keep your money working for you by buying, fixing and selling in order to buy some more. That's what it's all about. Set some goals for yourself by making alist of the types of Heavy Machinery you would like to get for yourself and those that you seem to get a lot of requests for. Keep this list next to your computer so you will always have in mind what type of heavy equuipment to keep an eye out for. I hope this helps you to get that machine of your dreams.
Thanks for reading My Heavy Equipment blog - Ann Menke

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