Saturday, June 10, 2006

Disaster Cleanup is Big Business

Although many do not want to admit it disaster cleanup is big business for the heavy equipment industry. In case you haven't heard many small and big time contractors made a bundle cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina.
Of course those are the ones that did work for private businesses that were in a hurry to get back up and running and also private individuals. There were alot of losers that came and went over there because they signed up for government contracts only to find out it takes 90 days to get paid. So if you don't have deep pockets you don't want to go that route. That is why you will see alot of used dump trailers sitting around for sale in New Orleans...the owners just went broke. They went over there with everything they had financially thinking they were going to make the big bucks but couldn't last the 90 days it takes to get paid. It's hard to run a dump truck on fumes so next time they need to try to find work thru another bigger contractor with deeper pockets or from a private business owner. And there will always be a next time-so take heed all you dump truck and dump trailer drivers-next time you set out to do disaster cleanup-be careful who you sign on with. And don't forget to take into account the cost of getting their and back and staying where the action is.

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