Thursday, June 15, 2006

Places to Sell Used Heavy Equipment

I use many different websites to sell my used heavy equipment. Here are a few you might like to try such as antique tractors.
Advertise your Used Semi Trucks here.
I also sometimes list a cheap peice of heavy machinery on ebay and put my website address in the ebay ad to help the site get more hits.
Sometimes I will get a "list till it sells" ad in traderonline and put a link in it going to my website to get more hits...this can give you up to a year of advertising for your website for very little money.
You may also want to try listing for free by posting an ad in a city local to you on
Craigslist ads will usually give you exposure for about a week when the ad is first entered but become stale after that.
The truckpaper will let you put in 2 free ads when you first start an account with them and these can have links in them going to your website to help it get more traffic. If you have a heavy equipment website that needs more hits I know many other way to Improve Your Websites Performance.
Hope this information is helpful to everyone that is trying to sell their used heavy equipement.
Thanks for visiting - Ann Menke

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