Thursday, June 29, 2006

Heavy Equipment For Land Owners

If you have recently bought a large peice of undeveloped property that you are living on you can clear it yourself using your own used heavy equipment.
The first thing we bought was a Case backhoe that we found on the internet for only $500. It was in peices and was someone elses restoration project that we got for very little - site unseen. Then we went down to get it with a low boy trailer. Luckily the farmer that had it for sale had another backhoe to place the parts onto the truck.
It was a big restoration project but years later that backhoe is still doing it's job. Many hours were spent sanding and scraping rust off, then it was primered and painted. All the rubber hydraulic hoses had to be replaced and a rebuilt engine was found to replace the one that came with it.The drivers seat was replaced and now that backhoe is very much in demand in this neck of the woods. The next peice of equipment we really needed was a dump truck which I will talk about on my next post.

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