Saturday, May 02, 2009


N95 Masks 20 for $26.71
20 - N95 Masks
On Sale - $26.71
I talk to my family by email regularly and they live all over the brother in Dallas says yup the schools are sister in Houston says yup the schools are closed...and these people are clean freaks - I wonder how they are handling it.
Got invited to a pool party today here in Orlando but some guests will be flying in from Europe so not too sure I wanna be around them so may not go-it's harder now to stand there when someone gets right up in your face to talk...from what I've read people can be contagious without even having any symptoms at first...I catch things pretty easy...even if someone coughs on the other side of the room I seem to catch it.
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I ordered masks since I can't seem to find them in any of the stores around here. My cousin in New Hampshire was grateful when I sent her my blog so she could order them online as she says she couldn't find any in the stores near her either. First time she was ever that nice about my writing - usually she tears it apart. LOL Have a great weekend. I know after awhile I will get used to this new lifestyle - time to pay more attention to my garden I guess.

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