Monday, May 04, 2009


From this article:
"One study conducted with a regular seasonal strain of influenza virus found that the virus could survive on facial tissues for several minutes and for two to eight hours on stainless steel or plastic surfaces."

Many of us don't consider all the times we touch surfaces strangers have touched in our daily lives. You pull in to pump gas - you touch the gas pump handle. You walk thru the door of a convenience store or any store for that matter - you touch the door handle.
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And of course we all know how bad public restrooms can be. Elevator buttons, store counters, restaurant tables and chairs. The list is endless - enough to make anyone stay home out of paranoia.
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I keep anti-bacterial Wipes in my car and purse and next to the kitchen sink - especially for the refrigerator handle. Some people aren't as careful as others so the rest of us have to make up for it. Even though the media is soft pedaling the symptoms I would rather err on the side of caution and remain vigilant in fighting all those nasty germs out there. Keep on washing your hands people and avoid crowds- this ain't over yet.

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