Sunday, May 03, 2009

Swine Flu Symptoms Not So Bad - So No more Worries - Right?

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Well from what I've been hearing the symptoms of the swine flu are not so bad...
3 days and it's may be contagious for a bit longer than your symptoms but it doesn't seem even as bad as the common cold from what I've read.

Bored at Home?

Do Some Gardening!

So now we will go out for those .50 cent chicken wings on weekdays and take our chances. Restaurants aren't as crowded on weekdays either. I can go without seeing relatives and going out to bars...we never did that much anyways...
but kinda tough to quit going out to eat at least once a week. I'm a great cook but even I need a change. I am hoping if we do catch it - it will make us more immune to the next strain coming in the fall or winter.
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Luckily I work from home so I don't have to deal with all the co-worker issues...I think people will still stay at home more and do more gardening...maybe fix up their houses a bit to pass the time. I think people will have second thoughts about going out to public pools and entertainment venues. You will see more at home birthday parties for the kids. Mom will stock up the pantry a little more this summer. I already put my garden in so now have lots of weed pulling to do. Wish it would rain more - the pond is dry and it's getting to be in the 80's now. I already ordered masks and had some leftover from when the Bird Flu was in the news a few years ago. Well it's back to posting ads for harleys for sale and such...have a great day.

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