Sunday, May 03, 2009


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Canadian Pigs Have Swine Flu: Caught From a Worker Returning From Mexico - This means this virus can now be passed from human to swine...what we don't know is if it could be passed to other mammals like dogs and cats, and if it can, how it will affect them.

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Normally viruses cannot be passed from humans to could cough next to a dog or cat and it would not affect them. But not anymore...only time will tell how bad this thing really is.

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Since the media is now soft pedaling the symptoms people will not be as careful about things and more people will let themselves be exposed - thinking it's not that bad...until Fido and Fluffy get sick.

We were thinking it was ok to go out to eat - until I also read this:
Florida up to 15 suspected, 3 confirmed cases of swine flu
ABC Action News - Tampa,FL,USA
TALLAHASSEE, FL -- Florida's Department of Health says they are now monitoring 15 probable cases of swine flu throughout the state, and said a third case of ... See all stories on this topic

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