Monday, May 04, 2009

Keeping People & Pets Safe from Viruses

Some more advice from my friend Lynda about keeping germ free....

"Another tidbit: When you go to a public building that does not use door knobs but rather those handles. I make sure that I pull from the bottom of that handle rather than the top. If you look closely you will notice that the handle is well worn at the top but the bottom may have the original patina. Eric does one better he uses the bottom but only with his little finger. I've just learned something new today :-)
Siberian Kittens
When I became a cat breeder it was absolutely necessary to wash my hands including up to the elbows when I would go from kitty room to kitty room. Sometimes that meant as much as 60 times per day!

The purpose of segregation of mothers with young babies from the rest of the population is to safeguard those babies with lesser immunities from those that have better systems to fight viruses and the transmission of diseases. If I don't wash my hands up to the elbows I am the reason that illness are transmitted.

In humans it is the babies that have the most danger of becoming ill.

When I am doing my duties I start with clean clothes and work with the babies first and then the youngsters then the adult population. I also realize that viruses and bacteria can hang onto the clothing that we wear. Never do I start with the adults and work backwards. If I do, I change to a clean set of clothing.

Just a little more babble........My cat nursery (where moms and very young babies reside and grow up) is empty. I birth my queens in my bedroom just in case they start in the middle of the night. My nursery is the bedroom next to me. Before I move these next mothers and babies I will steam clean that room...... ceiling, walls and furniture and especially the floors. After I have done the floors I will still disinfect the floors especially the grout before I will allow those precious babies into that room.

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I'll give you 3 guesses as to what I am doing this afternoon.

Is it worth it?????? Absolutely!!!!!!

This same advice can be applied to any family with infants and young children!

Going overboard??? no way!!!! - better safe than sorry :-) Lynda "

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