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N95 Masks 20 for $26.71

N95 Masks

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After I started passing this blog around I got some feedback from various friends and relatives about what they do to stay flu free. I thought I would quote one of them here.

"Thanks for the article, I keep hand sanitizer in my car and in my purse. I wash my hands for at least 30 seconds and especially when I am in a public restroom I continue to employ that methodology. AND when I am done wiping my hands I save the paper towel using it to open the restroom door. This is for all those people that don't wash after peeing.

When I got out to grocery shop , I make absolutely sure that I do not touch my face while in public, even if it means chanting silently to myself as a constant reminder.

Another way of transmission is the daily purse that we use. Going to a public restroom and setting the purse on the floor or even in any floor in any public place is cause for concern. If it is necessary for me to place my purse on any floor surface, it is disinfected that day. I still haven't gotten into the habit of cleaning at least the bottom of my purse daily but I am working on it ;-)

One other hint from Heloise. That shopping carts with the openings to carry babies is the worst place to put any produce products. Babies often times have dirty diapers when they are sitting there! Yuck!

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When I worked for AT&T before I met you, I carried a bottle of alcohol in a spray bottle. Before I would use any operator station I would spray it down especially the keyboard and wipe it clean. Some thought that I was paranoid. But I didn't get the colds that were going around in the room.

Paranoid?? Maybe.

Cautious?? Yes

Sick?? Nope.

That last time that I got sick with flu like symptoms was 1988!

No brag just fact! ;-) " - Lynda

Thanks Lynda for those words of wisdom - Ann

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