Saturday, July 01, 2006

Where to Find and Buy Used Heavy Equipment

We sometimes find old used heavy equipment to buy when out driving around here locally. It's good to keep an eye out for old used machinery sitting in someones side yard or on a vacant lot. It could be the owner cannot afford to fix it or has no more use for it and you can get a real bargain. You may have to stop and ask neighbors who it belongs to and how to get ahold of them. Be careful when walking into yards to look at equipment as sometimes they can become nests for hornets and snakes. It's best if you can find the homeowner first so you don't get bit by a dog too.
If you're not that adventurous you may also find it easier to peruse the classifieds under Tools and Equipment. I sometimes find bargains in the local penneysaver and free classifieds online. Last but not least I will look at traderonline and ebay. They are good when you are trying to find out what different types of used heavy equipment is worth. Also keep in mind just because someone is asking a certain price that isn't neccessarily what they are going to get for it. The best proof I have found for what something actually sold for is to look at the completed listings on ebay. You have to register with ebay first to do this, then do a search for the equipment you are looking for and check off the completed listings box on the left to see those that have already sold. Last but not least please be sure to check out my used heavy equipment as well as cars, boats, motorcycles and RV's at Florida Earth Movers

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