Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cleaning up Storm Debris

After all the news about global warming, bird flu and mad cow you just know that this year is going to be a bang up year for hurricanes. Knowing how the past 2 years have been here in Florida now is a good time to plan ahead and have a good dump trailer on hand. Or at the very least a dump bed for your pickup for those big cleanup jobs. Even if you don't need it you or your teenagers can sure make money helping those that do. I found some great dump beds for pickups at Florida Earth Movers and ended up buying one for our Ford F150. We just threw all those palm fronds, branches and shovel fulls of debris in the bed and dumped it into a big pile for burning later. It was a whole lot easier than using a wheel barrow. We didn't get hit that bad around here so it was mostly yard cleanup but it was alot bigger than just plain yard work. We lost a few pine trees and maples that had to be cut up. So plan ahead and get yerself the biggest dump bed or dump trailer you can afford-I hear this years gonna be just as bad as last year if not worse. You can't help but think that looking at all the bad weather in the midwest and most recently Australia. We get tornadoes here too but I haven't seen anything that bad yet.
God Bless and hope you'all have a safe and happy summer.

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