Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Important Items to Consider When Buy Used Heavy Equipment

One of the things alot of people take for granted when buying semi trucks or other used heavy equipment such as dozers, backhoes and wheel loaders is the cost of replacing the tires.
Those big tractor tires brand new start at $250 and that does not include mounting so when looking at used heavy equipment and tractor trailers be sure to notice the condition of the tires and point out to the seller what it is going to cost you to replace them. If they are in good condition the seller may also point out to you how much he spent on them and expects you to take that into consideration when you make him an offer. We sell used tractor tires on our website but good used ones are hard to find and after many years of trucking we have come to the conclusion we would of been better off to buy new. There is nothing worse than blowing a tire in the middle of a job or while on the road. I know we have stretched out the use of our old backhoes tires to the point where they were cracking all over and after many repairs we finally decided to give up and buy new. That doesn't mean of course we didn't buy a few used ones over the years-but dry rot happens pretty fast in this hot Florida climate so don't expect your used tires to last long. And changing a tractor tire in this heat can give you a heart attack.

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