Sunday, July 02, 2006

Used Heavy Equipment Financing

There are many ways to finance used heavy equipment. You can do a sale leaseback thru Direct Lease or Zap financing as well as direct financing thru Atria and Balboa Capitol. If these don't work out- you might want to consider a home equity loan or refinancing your existing mortgage to get equity from your home to use for financing your used or new or used semi truck. Last but not least you may try borrowing cash off your credit cards. Sometimes when I see a deal on an old peice of heavy equipment or a car that I know I can fix up and sell to make a substantial return off of I will do whatever it takes to borrow the money to get it. Just make sure that the profit will more than pay for the interest and finance charges accrued from borrowing that money.
If you need help finding financing for a peice of used equipment you are thinking of buying wether it is a payloader, dozer or tractor trailer - please feel free to ask me even if it is for equipment that is not on my site.
I will be more than happy to refer you to a good company to get heavy equipment financing thru.
Thanks for visiting my heavy equipment blog - Ann Menke

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