Thursday, July 27, 2006

Scorching Heat a Sign of the Coming Apocalypse?

Broiling temperatures in the 90s and beyond gripped large swaths of the USA on Monday, sending people scrambling for the shade and prompting officials to open air-conditioned buildings and take to the streets to rescue the homeless and elderly.
On the streets of New York, a spot in the shade competed with a parking space as a valuable commodity. Men and women made their way under narrow awnings, lounged under trees and took breaks beneath the umbrellas of hot dog stands.
Could this be the sign of the coming Apocalyse where the earth is burned mightily by fire?
Is this the beginning of the wrath of God! Will the seas reach their boiling point? as it says in revelations.
Be prepared country folk and wary ones and make way for His coming.
Used Heavy Equipment will be sorely needed in these trying times. Wells for water will need to be dug. Fuel tanks for storing up diesel fuel for your heavy machinery as you never know when there will be a run on the gas stations.
Backhoes will be needed to dig holes to plant more shade trees. Be sure to have a fishing boat set aside in case of flooding or the need to fish for your own food.
If you need to evacuate in case of a hurricane you may want to get an RV which also comes in handy in case your electricity goes out. You can run the generator in the RV to stay nice and cool.

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