Monday, July 24, 2006

Horsemen of the Apocalypse are Coming-Prepare!

Even though it has been 2 months since wildfires roared across Interstate 95 in Brevard county leaving backyards of hundreds of homeowners covered in soot, ash and burned trees and shrubs. There is still not enough rainfall to quench the parched and thirsty ground. One man lost his entire collection of antique trucks to the flames. Homeowners tried in vain to water their lawns as the smoke started coming closer to them. The firefighters did the best they could to keep the flames away from homes but there was still alot of damage. Burned up cars, patio furniture, swing sets, everything you normally have in your back yard can burn and melt from the intense heat. Times like these call for an enormous cleanup effort and there are still 2 months of summer yet for Florida. The drought here shows no signs of letting up, everyone is trying to conserve water, some people are worried their wells may run dry soon if we don't get some rain. These are unusual weather conditions for this time of year in this part of the country. A sign that we should all be prepared for more unusual weather ahead. Intense heat is what heats up the oceans and brings in those massive hurricanes. Even if you don't plan to stick around for the onslaught you will still be coming back to a mess to clean up afterwards. So now is the time to think about buying some good used heavy equipment before you need it. A wheel loader to move fallen debris around is a must. Even if you don't need it you can be sure there will be someone that would pay to use it. Now is the time to prepare for the coming of the apocalypse of hurricanes that global warming has wrought. Pray for deliverance from the onslaught and be prepared in these uncertain times. Install hurricane storm panels on your windows for added hurricane protection.

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