Sunday, July 30, 2006

Construction Equipment Needed for Building Shelter

In the Bible according to Peter Chapter 2 Vers 3:8 - " not ignore this fact the day of the Lord will come, when not expected the heavens will rend with a loud noise and be dissolved with fire - so live your life in holiness."
Is this not warning enough that our precious ozone later is being slowly burnt away as more and more carbon is released into the atmosphere by human kind creating a blanket of noxious gases that contribute to the warming of our atmosphere.
Build ye a shelter against the coming of the days when the sky will burn like fire. You will need much construction equipment with which to build this shelter. Backhoes for digging into the ground to build a storm shelter. Payloaders will be needed to move the dirt and construction materials around such as cinder block and bags of cement for the walls of your shelter.
Wheel loaders for loading soil into used dump trailers to tranport it to where you need it most.
Keep thy mind upon the task at hand for it shall become most laborious as the heat becomes more fierce...toil away now as it will only get worse. Knowing you will soon have shade and shelter when others do not will keep you focused on the task at hand.

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