Friday, May 01, 2009


N95 Masks 20 for $26.71
20 - N95 Masks
On Sale - $26.71
Get Masks while you can cause there are none at the last Walmart I went to in Deltona, Florida....
you can Buy Masks Online or try finding them in the stores. I have had no luck. We were already stocked up for regular groceries and each day we go out and buy a few more things as we think of them...but soon it will not be a good idea to go out as much. Such a shame as we liked going out to eat but now when you do you have 2nd thoughts. Best to stay home as much as you can and out of public places. Kids are great for spreading germs so I try to stay as far away from them as possible. Bought lots of anti-bacterial wet ones (they come in the yellow packs) for wiping my hands off after touching grocery carts, door handles, even my own groceries. Be sure to wash your hands and all your produce real good.
Save Gas/Time
& Money - Survive Food Riots
With Home Grocery Delivery
That flu germ lasts 15 minutes on surfaces so wipe off your counters with lysol or vinegar. If you share your frig with a roomate you may want to have a talk and wipe off the frig handle regularly. I love my family but my sisters kids are not going to be as careful as I they can just email me...heard they were shuttin down schools in Dallas and Houston which are two really big cities I have relatives in so...soon it shall be over this way. My cousin in New Hampshire said it was already up there...and she won't be flying down to see me anymore for awhile. It was not crowded at all in the grocery stores thankfully but I'm sure by next weekend it will be. From now on we will be going early in the morning when it's cool and not that crowded on weekdays. Have a great weekend.

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